maciej łebkowski

Hello, my name is Maciej Łebkowski I’m a professional Software Engineer

About me

I learned programming because I liked to get my life easier, and this was the perfect means to do it. Now I am trying to use my skills to make better business at companies I work for. I have had quite a wide range of experiences during my career:

I adapt quickly to new environment and I am very goal oriented.


  • I love sailing. I’d like have a house by the lake when I retire (or sooner).
  • We are playing quite a lot of board games with my friends.
  • The influence new technologies are making on culture is fascinating me.
  • A good game of poker never gets old.


  • I am curious
  • I am not afraid to get hurt
  • I embrace teamwork
  • I know how to get things done
  • I question everything
  • I’m a professional


  • Great at object oriented PHP.
  • Comfortable with Symfony2 and Silex
  • Managing agile projects causes no headaches
  • JavaScript ninja
  • Mastered CSS & HTML
  • I know a lot about performance and security
  • I’m familiar with how git works
  • You can put a devops label on me
  • My minions say I am a good leader ;)

Quotes & references

Contact me

  • You can reach me using m.lebkowski at gmail
  • Wire me money to: 44 1140 2004 0000 3102 3680 9502
  • Send bitcoins here: 137ofAkdztkhJ3FPhFcaRPRvv3xoxzEESK