maciej łebkowski

Hello, my name is Maciej Łebkowski I’m a professional Software Engineer

About me

I am a business oriented, well communicating full-stack senior software engineer with over ten years of experience. I believe in trust, transparency, great and hones feedback, questioning everything, curiosity as a driver of all innovation and meritorical discussions.

I make code, sometimes write and play board games in my spare time.

Hire me

I would like to work with you as a consultant on one of the following topics:

If you need to improve your code quality, start using modern web technologies, tools or frameworks; if your team is struggling to raise their software engineering skills but you can’t afford a senior position for a full time — I can help you do that.

Contact me so we can figure out if we can work towards a common goal. Look at the values I cherish and if they are aligned with yours please message me to get a quote: or call me at 505 113 296.



  • I am a good teacher. I can reach various kind of people individually basing on their predispositions
  • I have a vast knowledge about web technologies, standards, tools, frameworks…
  • I can cut corners when it is necessary, but I am always aware that I am doing so and why
  • I work in a business environment, not academics. My recommendations will always be pragmatic and with business effect as a primary goal
  • I know how to do things by the book… And I will always name the book’s title and author back my point up ;)

Professional skills

  • Great at object oriented PHP with Symfony 2
  • Vanilla Javascript, functional programming and node
  • I can work in a scrum-like framework
  • Proficient git
  • I feel comfortable with web application security
  • and performance
  • I know a lot about intuitive interface design
  • You can put a devops label on me
  • I am a natural leader

Quotes & references

Contact me

  • You can reach me using
  • Wire me money to:
    44 1140 2004 0000 3102 3680 9502