maciej łebkowski

Hello, my name is Maciej Łebkowski I’m a professional Software Engineer

About me

I am a business oriented, well communicating full-stack senior software engineer with over ten years of experience. I believe in trust, transparency, great and honest feedback, questioning everything, curiosity as a driver of all innovation and substantial discussions.

I make code, sometimes write and play board games in my spare time. I’m currently in charge of the technical side of a new project called Docplanner Phone.


  • Commenting code • in Professional

    Usually there is always a better way than just leaving a code comment
  • PHP • in Professional

    The role of the PHP language changed over the last two decades, and the job market along with it. What does this mean for products relying on it as a primary backend language?
  • A tale about two candidates • in Professional

    Two recruitment processes that taught me that you shoudln’t always make an offer at all cost, even if the candidate is hitting on all cylinders
  • Pacing your teambuilding efforts • in Professional

    Do you remember the urge to apply all those new and shiny engineering tools to your codebase? What happens if you take a similar aproach to leadership? What leadership lessons can you get from your engineering experience?
  • The XY problem • in Professional

    Focusing to much on the solution might cloud your vision and lead you into a dead end
  • The Geniuses and the Butterflies • in Professional

    I’d like my team to be diverse in many ways, also in the level of knowledge and social skills
  • We’re a good team for experienced developers • in Professional

    There’s something much more valuable to my team that putting in 50+ hours of work every week
  • Givers vs Takers • in Professional

    One bad apple can spoil the bunch. Do you know how to spot it?
  • Performance vs trust • in Professional

    Simon Sinek want’s you to figure out who’s the asshole on your team, an who’s the natural leader
  • Building a remote-only team • in Professional

    We were robbed of an opportunity to build our Docplanner Phone team as we would like it by the forced remote work, but as it turns out, we managed to build a great working culture anyway