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How to ask your boss to make a decision

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If you need someone to make a decision for you (not necessarily your superior) try to follow these rules:

  1. Explain the situation to them. The context is crucial to making the right choice.
  2. List all available options.
  3. Describe the criteria for weighing your options.
  4. Evaluate each solution in context of those criteria.
  5. Make your recommendation.

This way all the other person has to do is make the decision. This may include their wider knowledge, their position or gut feeling. It should take them an instant.

The most common problem is that instead of asking for a decision, you are really asking to do your job for you: to make your research, to think about the solutions, to evaluate them. Don’t waste other people’s time with your shit. Your decision question can never be open ended: „so what do you think”, „how should I do that”. Put some effort in it and you’ll get a great feedback.

And the most common answer to your question should be „yes” (or you’re doing something wrong).

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