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Maciej Łebkowski

Don’t send me private messages on Slack

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Please think twice before PM-ing me on Slack unless it’s a personal matter. In all project related topics, it’s better to use a public #channel. Here’s why:

  • I may not be the only one that can help you. Reaching a wider audience yields better results. And if I’m unable to help you at all, it would be nice to just reply with: „nope, but ask @whomever”.
  • There is no way for anybody else to be included in the conversation. It may start as something just between us, but more often than not other team members need to be involved. In public channels, we can always invite/mention them.
  • The team does not benefit from our conversation. I usually don’t need the details, but just being aware of what topics are discussed expands my helicopter view on the project.

As a rule of thumb, instead of a private message, use a @mention in a public channel. Thanks.

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