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Our Software Engineering values

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When I came to work at GoldenLine / ZnanyLekarz, there was a set of rules they followed as a company. They were mostly generic, like „keep things simple” or „be a team player”. Every employee had to align his goals with three or four of the companys values (there were seven in total).

It’s a nice idea. It lets you know that you’re on the same page with the people you work with. Or at least you know it’s not the case from the start. But after a few months it became clear to me that those rules don’t always apply to our local needs. There were too generic and not chosen by us. So we decided to create our own list of skills and perks we value the most in a software engineering culture.

Teamwork & communication

It’s all about how well do you play with others, and do others have any problems working with you.


If a person does something for a living and takes money for it — it’s his profession, and they have to do it properly.

Personality & DNA

All the spices you add to the team — every unique little detail that makes the team more interesting and lovable.


This is a next step for a software engineer but nontheless a good skillset to have.

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