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The Geniuses and the Butterflies

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A quick followup to my previous article about a minority that would find my team to be a great fit for them. This time I’d like to mention another group that might struggle while trying to find a great place for them.

I don’t hire primarily for your knowledge, but rather for your social skills and culture fit. If you feel you might not have enough experience for one of the roles I’m looking for — don’t worry, you’ll have a great environment to learn and catch up. Knowledgable enable an easy way for quick progress so I’d like to have them on the team, but not only them. I’d like my team to be diverse.

I had an opportunity at SYZYGY Warsaw to work with a bunch of people that weren’t first to bring innovation to our programming toolset, but they sure adapted really fast to any new idea someone else implemented. They were the early adopters. Not only I could save time I would otherwise spend convincing them on those changes, but they also helped to bring the critical mass required for the new to become the norm. After a week they were ready to advocate for it like it was their idea in the first place. They were great to work with and I wish I will have an opportunity to have them on my team again in the future.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s a recent article from the great Farnam Street about the Geniuses and the Butterfiles:

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